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Coloplast Urology produces a range of surgical devices to help people who suffer from urological disorders such as erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, weak pelvic muscles, kidney stones and enlarged prostate.

We have two focus areas: Female Pelvic Health and Men’s Pelvic Health. Both are dedicated to supplying devices for advanced surgical procedures that can make life easier for people suffering from intimate urological disorders.

Our Women’s Health Products help women regain continence and recover from pelvic organ prolapse. Listening to the experience of surgeons and their assistants, we produce devices that are strong, easy to use and compatible with the body.

Our Men’s Health products help men who experience erectile dysfunction (E.D.) and stress urinary incontinence – often a result of various prostate treatments.

We are in continuous dialogue with surgeons and nurses to improve less invasive surgical therapies for male and female incontinence. And we work to constantly improve our E.D. products and streamline other surgical implant procedures.