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Dr. Schiff at Fresno City College

Education and Training

Surgery 1Dr. Schiff actively hosts monthly free seminars for public and private organizations in an effort to educate the community about Sexual Dysfunction. He has developed innovative and comprehensive approaches to Sexual Medicine. An expert in the placement of Penile Prosthesis he has performed hundreds of Penile Implants. During this time, Dr. Schiff is routinely called upon to consult with physicians and penile prosthetic companies regarding the management of patients and their significant others with sexual dysfunction.

As an Assistant Clinical Professor Department of Urology at the University of San Francisco and Fresno Education program, Dr. Schiff is proud to be a part of the training and education of future healthcare professionals. Providing “Training Day” at Urology Associates of Central California – Outpatient Surgery Center has been a true success. Teaching his unique technique of Penile Prosthesis and teaming up with Dr. Gilbert Dale’s technique of Male Slings (to learn more visit, together they have trained a variety of physicians nationwide.

Educating and TrainingIn addition to Dr. Schiff’s efforts in being a part of future medicine he is also the Medical Director of the Urology Associates of Central California -Clinical Research Division. He has been instrumental in the advancement of urologic therapies offering our patients treatment sometimes years prior to them becoming available to the general public. His intentions are to focus on the cutting edge of medicine.  Dr. Schiff has participated in several sophisticated studies related to Prostate Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Overactive Bladder, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and most urologic conditions including Erectile Dysfunction that has led to the development and common use of medications including Caverject, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.