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  1. Is there a legitimate way to enhance size?
    No – Understanding that OTC drugs that indicate that it is a size enhancer, no studies have proven this. Running a Research Division we have not seen any data.

  2. Should I be concerned about hearing a “pop” during sexual intercourse?
    Could be a potential problem could be painful. Could cause curvature and may go away but need be cautious.

  3. Should I be concerned to wake up in the morning and find a blood stain in my underwear?
    Could be a potential problem but often times a benign problem. I would recommend follow up with your physician.

  4. If there are 8 out of 10 times when I am ready and capable to perform sexual intercourse mean I have Erectile Dysfunction?
    Occasional non-performance may not be a concern however if it is occurring on a consistent basis there could be some potential medical problems that should be addressed.

  5. When do you know if there is a medical problem vs. a relationship problem when you’re “just not that into it”?
    This sounds like it needs to be evaluated. There could be psychological problems, could mean contraceptive usage that can cause decreased interest and could be a combination of both. Very common but I recommend getting evaluated to determine the true problem.

  6. Is it normal for a 43 year old man to have decreased sexual desire?
    Yes, it could be a variety of issues that involve health concerns or relationship concerns.Very fixable.

  7. Is it true that the more sex you have the healthier prostate?
    You don’t have to increase your sex life to gain a healthier prostate. Low fat diets and exercise are actually very healthy for your prostate. You don’t have to spend a lot of money just diet and exercise to be truthful.

  8. Is there something women can do to prolong ejaculation?
    Average length of time is about 5-6 mins. Expectations of what is normal can differ between partners. There are some techniques to prolonging ejaculation.

  9. Why do I have trouble aiming my urine stream properly first thing in the morning?
    A couple things are happening. During the night, the bladder gets stretched out along with the muscles surrounding the urethra, which can sometimes make it harder to aim. There may also be some mucus build up in the urethra. If it is only happening first thing in the morning, it is nothing to worry about.

  10. Is there a time frame where it becomes unhealthy for a male not to ejaculate?
    It takes about three months to produce sperm. If you do not ejaculate, the sperm will eventually die and be reabsorbed into the body. It is normal and will not cause any health problems.

  11. How can we resume normal sexual activity after delivering a baby?
    After OB/GYN clearance and consideration of physical changes, this is the best time to communicate with your partner.

  12. How does urinary incontinence affect sexual activity?
    The most common reason for Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is vaginal deliveries. 1/3 of patients with SUI have complaints of sexual dysfunction.