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FAQs About Penile Implants

  1. Can I have an orgasm with a penile implant?
    You should be able to have an orgasm with a penile implant if you were able to have one before your procedure. Consult your physician about your expected outcome.
  2. Is the penile implant covered by insurance?
    Most insurance, including Medicare, cover the implant. Check with your physician’s office to determine your actual cost.
  3. What is the recovery time?
    Each individual is different and therefore their recovery will be different as well. Typical recovery is between 4-6 weeks. Your physician will determine what you can and cannot do during this time. It is important to follow the recommendations that your physician gives to you to ensure the best outcome.
  4. Will I lose any length after getting a penile implant?
    Each penile implant is custom fitted to your anatomy. Depending on your medical history, it may not be unusual to lose 1-2 cm. Discuss this in greater detail with your physician.
  5. Will anyone notice that I have an implant?
    Since the implant is completely placed inside your body, no one will see the implant. In fact, no one will know unless you tell them.
  6. Will I be able to have spontaneous erections with a penile implant?
    No. In order to place the implant in the body, the corpora containing the spongy tissue is removed to make room for the cylinders. If you are still able to have erections on your own, which are satisfactory for intercourse, you should consider very carefully whether or not an implant is the right fix for you. However, if you cannot have erections or if they are not satisfactory for intercourse, then an implant will be able to provide you with a more “instant” erection when compared to pills, or vacuum devices.
  7. What makes the Genesis® and Titan® OTR different?
    Both implants provide you with the capability of having an erection satisfactory for intercourse. The main difference is that the Genesis penile implant is a malleable implant consisting of 2 rods that are placed in the corpora cavernosa. There are no further parts to this implant. To have an erection, you only need to hold the penis and move it into the desired position. When you are finished you return the penis to the previous position. With the Titan OTR penile implant, you inflate the cylinders by pressing the pump bulb in the scrotum. You can control the firmness by pumping until you are satisfied with the erection. The best thing is to discuss each implant with your physician to make sure that you are getting the implant that is appropriate for you.