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My wife and I are so very thankful to have our intimate relationship back with the Coloplast penile implant…my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.
-Jim and Lily

We have restored the intimacy that my wife of 35 years and I enjoy

I am so happy I attended your free seminar. I was so embarrassed to come and now I learned so much and so glad to be here.

My husband and I have been truly satisfied with the outcome of our choice.
-Nancy & Bill

Dr. Schiff recommended testosterone injections to restore my emotional well-being and sexual drive . The results were immediate.  I also experienced more energy and my bone density improved two points after the first year. Dr. Schiff truly cares about each and every one of his many patients. I feel very fortunate to have him as my physician .  He was able to help me with a very complicated bladder issue.

Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation that you made to the students in our graduate program where they are preparing to become Marriage and Family Therapists.

The students have submitted their evaluation of the course and they repeatedly described your presentation as an outstanding experience.

You took the students to an entirely new level of knowledge and complexity as you described so many dynamic aspects of human sexuality. You covered the physiological and pharmacological aspects of human sexuality in such a comprehensive fashion, while also using humor to engage the students. You clearly demonstrated the capacity to connect with your clients, and then apply a comprehensive approach that includes offering state-of-the-art interventions.

After this course and your presentation, the students indicated a significant increase in their comfort level in discussing sexual issues with clients. They also described an increased sense of confidence regarding the knowledge of local resources such as yourself and the services of the Department of Sexual Health of Urology Associates of Central California. The students appreciated learning that they have the ability to contact you in the future for consultation regarding the needs of their clients.

We also greatly appreciated Shelby Galler, Clinical Research and Marketing Coordinator of your agency, as she made brochures and video material available to us, coordinated your schedule, and accompanied you to our class for the presentation. Shelby represents you and your office in a very professional fashion.

We are fortunate to have both of you and your organization as a local resource.
-Richard W. Houts, LMFT







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