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FSD Testosterone

Testosterone is for Women Too!

Testosterone: The Anti-Aging, Muscle Building, Sex Drive and Mental Sharpness Hormone!

Testosterone Replacement for Women

FSD TestosteroneAlmost no one talks about it and almost no one does anything about it. As physicians, we must listen to our women patients, ask them questions about their sexuality and day-to-day ability to function, and replace testosterone whenever appropriate.

Testosterone is recognized as the hormone of desire: it makes muscles for boys and turns them into sexually functional men. But testosterone is very important to a woman, too.

A woman’s testosterone levels are highest in the early twenties. The decrease in sex drive we see thereafter is often due to oral contraceptives which suppress all sex hormone production (testosterone, estrogens and progesterone). The treatment is relatively simple: add back some testosterone.

However, physicians see more effects from testosterone deficiency as a woman approaches and enters menopause. The ovaries produce the majority of testosterone and estrogens. With the cessation of 80% of hormonal production, a peri- menopausal woman suffers from estrogen, progesterone and testosterone deficiency. The replacement of estrogen alone does not correct an absent sex drive, loss of muscle tone and general lack of mental get-up-and-go.

Women who find the following statements true, may be candidates for further testing and possible hormone (including testosterone) replacement!

1 and 2 or any 4 answered as ‘yes’

  1. Decrease in sex drive
  2. Orgasm less strong
  3. Lack of energy
  4. Decrease in strength or endurance
  5. Lost height
  6. Decreased ‘enjoyment of life’
  7. Sad and/or grumpy
  8. Deterioration in sports ability
  9. Falling asleep after dinner
  10. Decreased work performance

Treatment Alternatives

FSD Testosterone

Physicians usually give testosterone to women by injections or topical creams monthly. But some women find higher estrogen levels and DHEA 25-50mg do effectively increase sex drive without the need for injections of testosterone.

Some compounding pharmacists will make testosterone gel. This works similarly to the patch, but is applied once daily. More rapid absorption occurs over thin skin (labial) while slower absorption occurs over the abdomen.

Until recently, few physicians recognized the need for testosterone in women. Testosterone is superior in the treatment of osteoporosis and muscle wasting. Many of our patients report an improvement in clarity of thought (and sex drive) with low dose testosterone replacement.

A new philosophy directs the replacement of testosterone in women. Raising testosterone levels have systemic effects, not only improved sexual performance, but also, decreased stress, stronger muscles and helping a woman to stay focused and keep her get-up-and-go.

Treatment options are available.

At DOSH, We are here for you when you’re ready for us.

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